Condominium and home apartment are one of place to live where people spent time there for some is educational or transfer location or render another new home. People get in touch to view the horizon of being socialized and yet it has come to rend a time for example is vacation and get some booking purposes that is on condominium and apartment. Features can be keen like has gym and swimming are enjoyable for booking and have a nice stay. In regard on differences, condominium is refer to residential buildings which has multi-function hall, in a unit is separated own and the remainder units are also owned. This means that condominium is owned outright. Another thing is know that it has many additional feature for condominium as it is owned and also can add more architecture design that make believable for residents.

Forest Woods Developer CDL Condo

Good to hear that there is modern condominium that has multi-functional units and got more new features added. Recently, there is good for relaxation, it might be on pool on condominium. In fact that there is a new condominium and home apartment that is established and this is named as Forest Woods CDL. It is developed by Upper Serangoon under of developer City Development in Singapore. In such a way that this development is good to stay in for future on coming Singapore with home to family and other people who would come to Singapore area.

Forest Woods are cool spot for people would like to stay in because of its structure especially in its interior design and lavishly architecture design. A vast space that would be up to 500 units when it complete. The said condominium has many features like high quality rendering service for customer support, many access of residents to an onsite gym, meeting rooms, tennis courts, tennis court, park land and other family activities areas.

Forest Woods Review and Price on Site Plan

People need to shop or to market so they come for a store or grocery to buy commodities and other cool stuff and after this come to home with some brought things. Similarly, in Forest Woods has a market and shopping centre so the resident won’t any get away from home instead. This means that it is all close together on shopping, transportation. And there is also function room.

Beside of retailer on condominium, a keen of view that the residents of Forest Woods would be have other activity on that condominium. These new features are following: Serangoon Stadium, the Braddell Height Community Club, and Nanyang Community College.

Forest Woods Serangoon City Developments

Upon on history this place of Serangoon has been settled for traders with Indians. This area is called gardens. This successor succeed for its industry by this trade. For now as Little India on Serangoon, where is one of the residential towns of Singapore, is now mix with Indian traditions that has many products that trend to its industry.

Different styles has been arose for time to time and yet a new renovation comes next as it on Forest Woods as give a good prospective for residents.

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What is Treasure Crest EC? Treasure Crest EC is a 99 years leasehold condominium development that is located in Sim Lian, not far away from Cheng Lim LRT Station, and it is District 19 at Anchorvale Crescent. There are only three ECs in the local area, which are named Bellewaters EC by Qingjian, Realty, and Treasure Crest EC is slated to bring about a whole new array of choices for those buyers who are looking to get Executive type of condo units for an Anchorvale or Sengkang EC.

Treasure Crest EC Sim Lian

The Treasure Crest EC will feature about 525 condo units. However, this number is something, which is still yet to be confirmed officially by an affirmation that will come straight from the local authorities. The latest launch, which is scheduled to take place at Treasure Crest EC is one, which is sort of in suggestion that the developers are somewhat wary, and concerned a bit about the potential supply of empty condo units being empty for the area of the Northeast specifically. It has been already noted that there is units still available in Bellwaters EC, and The Vales EC, which still have not been sold for both the Punggol and Sengkang regions.

Treasure Crest Sim Lian Anchorvale Crescent

Any potential buyers for condo units at the brand new Treasure Crest EC should be aware of one fact. This fact is that, the bid date for this particular plot of land will probably not start until, somewhere in the middle of 2019 or so. The middle of 2019 is the projected date that Treasure Crest EC will possibly be completed. There is an estimation that Treasure Crest Anchorvale EC will be about 16 stories in height and will not be longer than about 10 blocks in length for the development itself. This development will be situated right around the area of Cheng Lim LRT Station. This station connects straight right through to Sengkang MRT Station and Sengkang Kopitiam Square.

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Queens Peak is a development of approximately 51,528.89 square meters of living space, which will accommodate about an estimated 645 units, and this location is very close to the center of the city itself. Queens Peak is a Dundee Road condominium place isn’t just right in the middle of the city. It is also something that will help to lessen travel time to and from work on a daily basis. The time that is saved alone on travel is something well worth it. Why is that? Because, to be honest, saved time is something that can be used on spending more precious time with family instead of having to be out on the road for one’s job.

Queens Peak Condo

Queens Peak Dundee condo, as a place to live, is also great for other reasons too. One of these other reasons is this. It is that it is located right in the heart of an area, which is well connected by other vital roads, and these roads do include Commonwealth Avenue and Singapore via AYE. It also gives everyone the ability, as well as, overall capacity to be able to reach their favorite shopping places such as those that are along Orchard Park within just a quarter of an hour in most cases.

Queens Peak Dundee Road

Queen Peaks Dundee Road is the perfect place to live, and to be, because it puts residents right in the midst of everything and at its heart. Very close in distance to Queens Peak, are also, lots of veryfantastic and awesome restaurants, cafes, and pubs to enjoy. There are numerous food and fun places that are open to late. One option is no other than Holland Village. Holland Village is home to many real choices to help a person chill out and just enjoy the wonderful night life there. Queens Peak is also not far from other popular hawker centers. Some of these hawker centers do include Tanglin Halt Market, Brickworks Market, and the Mei Ling Market for example.


What is it about Forestwood Residences that will draw the attention of a lot of people? The answers are numerous. However, one of the most visible of all answers is one, and that is that Forestwood Residences will be the one place that many will want to come and live. Why is that? Please read on to learn more. You will be very glad you did. Forestwood Residences is a 99-year leasehold Condo development in Lew Lian Serangoon.

Forestwood Residences Lorong Lew Lian

Why will Forestwood Residences be the place of choice to live for those dwelling in Serangoon or who may be dwelling there soon? Forestwood Residences is a condo development that is right in the heart of a high connectivity area, and not just that, it will also be situated next to the brand new location of the Nex Shopping Centre as well. The new Nex Shopping Mall will only be a short walk away in distance from the Forestwood Residences of Lorong Lew Lian New Launch. What makes Nex Shopping Centre so great is everything. It will be loaded up with lots of retail shops and F&B outlets. There will also be a library not to far away from the Forestwood Residences Condo development site.

Forestwood Lew Lian Condo

Forestwood Lew Lian Condo will total about 500 units in number, and the prices for these units are something, which are slated to be released very soon. The height of the condo building itself may be restricted, due to height restrictions, and this could make the building about 13 stories tall. There will be lots of amenities, as well as transport options, which will be available by plenty for all those who decide to make Forestwood Residences their permanent home. There will be a regular bus interchange that will be next to the condo development. Some of the amenities that Forestwood Residences will offer do include full condominium facilities for one’s family, a swimming pool, tennis courts, and even eventually a workout gym.