Queens Peak Dundee Condo Queenstown

Queens Peak is a development of approximately 51,528.89 square meters of living space, which will accommodate about an estimated 645 units, and this location is very close to the center of the city itself. Queens Peak is a Dundee Road condominium place isn’t just right in the middle of the city. It is also something that will help to lessen travel time to and from work on a daily basis. The time that is saved alone on travel is something well worth it. Why is that? Because, to be honest, saved time is something that can be used on spending more precious time with family instead of having to be out on the road for one’s job.

Queens Peak Condo

Queens Peak Dundee condo, as a place to live, is also great for other reasons too. One of these other reasons is this. It is that it is located right in the heart of an area, which is well connected by other vital roads, and these roads do include Commonwealth Avenue and Singapore via AYE. It also gives everyone the ability, as well as, overall capacity to be able to reach their favorite shopping places such as those that are along Orchard Park within just a quarter of an hour in most cases.

Queens Peak Dundee Road

Queen Peaks Dundee Road is the perfect place to live, and to be, because it puts residents right in the midst of everything and at its heart. Very close in distance to Queens Peak, are also, lots of veryfantastic and awesome restaurants, cafes, and pubs to enjoy. There are numerous food and fun places that are open to late. One option is no other than Holland Village. Holland Village is home to many real choices to help a person chill out and just enjoy the wonderful night life there. Queens Peak is also not far from other popular hawker centers. Some of these hawker centers do include Tanglin Halt Market, Brickworks Market, and the Mei Ling Market for example.


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